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We can design you many types of fences, Metal constructions, Garages, light steel frame construction etc.


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About us

Early Beginnings

KARTEL DOOEL Gostivar, Republic of Northern Macedonia, is a company that is among the leading companies with a high degree of legitimacy in the metal industry sector, which deals with the construction and installation of all types of steel profiles.

The company was founded in 1990, with a modest start from only a few well-trained and quality workers, as a company that manufactured and installed craftsman-locksmith elements.

In the course of its 25 year existence, from the very beginning, KARTEL DOOEL intensively strives to adapt its operations to the contemporary dynamic flows for achieving further development by continuously improving and training the executors with the appropriate qualifications required for all phases of work, modernly trained management and staff with the highest level of competence and expertise, as well as constant supply of necessary production equipment to the most modern world technology.


Geographically well placed in Gostivar, in the center of Western Macedonia, as a private company, equipped with a production plant of the most modern standards, completely focused on the principle of product quality and the highest level of respect for partners and customers, is something that provided KARTEL DOOEL, despite the strong competition, is highly positioned in the production of the metal industry, both in the wider region and the entire Republic of Northern Macedonia, as well as in some neighboring countries.


During this period of 30 years of existence, KARTEL DOOEL has manufactured and installed checking constructions of type: warehouses, service facilities, gas stations, production and factory halls, administrative business facilities to gyms with various dimensional features: 

  • Height of pillars up to 9m. and at the slam and up to 12m 
  • The distance between the pillars is up to 7m. 
  • Spacing on the roof beam up to 28m. 
  • Rope on roof beams from 6 to 30 m, depending on the tip of the roofing material.

Various materials are used for making various steel constructions:

  • Square and rectangular steel profile tubes.
  • Hot rolled steel I and U profile carriers
  • Profile I and U supports made of steel welding plates.

It purchases standard steel profiles from domestic producers, on the market of the Republic of Northern Macedonia through suppliers from foreign producers, who are from Gostivar at a distance of not more than 100 km, while for the production of pos. 2.2 Steel profiles with non-standard dimensions and lengths, KARTEL DOOEL to meet the needs and increase its competitiveness on the market, in the production plant, built its own automatic line for making them by welding from steel sheets, which it procures from a manufacturer at a distance from 70 km from Gostivar, with quality and certificate that meets ISO standards.

Heavy and lightweight locksmith

Heavy and lightweight locksmith – manufacture and installation, is a branch of which the employees of KARTEL DOOEL pay attention to, and it carries out the work in accordance with the requirements of the clients, ie to their documentation, or to offer them to their customers custom solutions that are more efficient and acceptable, due to the great experience of the employees and the possession of modern sophisticated equipment for preparation and installation of the same.

Versatile fences for balconies, terraces, staircases and yards, ordinary and sliding doors, various windows and circular scaffolds, which can be made from square and rectangular steel profiled pipes or wrought iron, are dependent on the requirements of the contractors, and for various purposes, whether industrial, residential or private.


KARTEL DOOEL owns a specialty for the production of fuel and water tanks and tanks, with standard dimensions and size of 1.5 tons, 2t, 3t, 5t, 13t, 15t, 25t and 30t according to own technical documentation or ready attached documentation to the commissioners, and qualitatively meet all standards because they make welders with attests and certificates, which weld and other steel constructions from the production program of KARTEL DOOEL.

In its operations KATEL DOOEL has made and is able to manufacture containers in different shapes and sizes, depending on whether they are intended for storage of different products, temporary offices on construction sites or to serve as commercial objects. Roofing facade and sheet metal work.

Besides the other, KARTEL DOOEL also has powerful hydraulic friction presses and molds with various shapes, which can profiles up to 12mm thick sheets that are suitable for making coverings for shafts and various tanks. The folds are made completely with frames and all the mechanisms for opening and closing them.

Right in this segment, KARTEL DOOEL, from the very beginning of its existence, paid great attention as technical-technological advancement of its machinery and equipment, as well as in qualifying its employees in order to perform all the work for this type of production to the latest ISO standards and successfully answer to all the challenges that would arise during the construction process.

Automatic line

The automatic line consists of: 

  • CNC  device with working table with active surface of 10m х 2 m on which can be cut necessary elements of steel sheets for making profile carriers, as well as all types of tiles for making steel structures or for other needs. We cut the cutting with the most modern plasma appliances, manufactured from Germany, which can be prepared with elements of different shape and continuous length up to 10m and 60mm thickness.

  • Preparatory stand where the primary shaping is performed by cutting the required profiles with dimensions | 1000 or U 1000 to 14 m, and, if necessary, larger lengths of 14 m.
  •  A line with a width of 1m and a length of 14m for the production of the profiles with automatic programmed welding, which is equipped with the most modern basic welding tools from the SOL WELDING program that deliver perfect continuous current and voltage, an additional wire f1.2mm. and protective gas Ar-CO2 (92% Ar and 8% CO2), which ensures the production of high quality forehead and angular continuous lime-spray with proper overhanging over the entire length of the profile. The manufactured steel I and U profiles satisfy all prescribed requirements and criteria in terms of accuracy and quality that apply the same as for standard I and U steel profiles made according to ISO standards and certificates.

The made steel structures are completely anticorrosively protected and finely colored in color, which is determined by the contractors, ie the investors of the facilities. A great advantage in its operation KARTEL DOOEL also sees in the fact that the necessary materials for the construction of steel structures can provide, as mentioned above, at a distance not greater than 100 km. from Gostivar with all the required attests and quality certificates, which correspond to the international ISO standards and regulations that enable the incomplete and incomplete inclusion in the production process in the more complex conditions of market management.

Root, Facade and Square Operations

Roofing, and for some buildings and facade works, at
Depending on the type and purpose of the facility, Kartel DOOEL has
Performs with various standard-made panels, depending on the type and purpose of the object.

Along with the panels, KARTEL DOOEL performs cover and
façade works and trapezoidally profiled plasticized
and galvanized sheets. For this need Kartel DOOEL disposes
with the most sophisticated automated production line for making
trapezoidally profiled plasticized and galvanized sheets with
thickness d-0.4 to 0.8 mm, width developed 1250 mm, with
standard profile TR 38/158 and 1m active roof area
indefinite length ie lengths that would require


To meet the additional requirements of
buyers also own the Semiautomatic press we are in
opportunity to make trapezoidal profiled
laminated and galvanized sheet thickness d-0.4 to 1.2
mm in any developed width up to 1250mm with non-standard
profile of the ribs and with any covering surface and with
the length of the boards up to 8m.

Also on this press we make all kinds of square gutters, roof
oval as well as wall, window, floor and parapet
skirts, door skirts and all panel finish skirts
sandwiches up to 8m long.

For the needs of roofing work we have a press for
making roofing laminates from plastic and galvanized
sheet thickness d-0.4 to 0.8 mm for all roof types
made of various profiled trapezoidal sheets.

Besides the production of profiled KARTEL
DOOEL has automated production lines for
semicircular horizontal and circular vertical gutters from
laminated and galvanized sheet d-0.4 to 0.8 mm thick
standard profile and lengths according to customer requirements without

To round offthe KARTEL steel products
DOOEL has sophisticated equipment for the production of
snow – plated and all accessories and parts for
roof water application system.

To complement the services of the KARTEL market
DOOEL owns a state-of-the-art SLITER automatic line
can be cut into strips of different width
laminated, galvanized and cold and hot rolled steel with thickness from d-0,3 to 2 mm in width of 1250 mm and
weight up to 10 tons.

From such prepared strips KARTEL DOOEL is able to
manufactures metal carrier mounting profiles such as
UD, CD, UW, CW and others intended for construction purposes
plasterboard joinery, various PVC
profiles, lowered ceilings and more.

To prepare your whole assortment
products, the production hall besides the above
state-of-the-art equipment also features a forklift and a bridge crane
5 ton loads and covers 12m width and length
from 100m so that Kartel DOOEL is able to prepare and
makes elements of various constructions with weights up to
the specified value of the crane.

For mounting of pre-prepared steel elements
Constructions Cartel DOOEL has its own machine park
such as Auto Crane, Self-propelled crane, Electric
crane, transport cart and more.

If you are interested in some of our products or you have a questions for us, feel free to drop us a line.


    • Ul. Ilindenska 2981 ,
      1230 Gostivar
      Republic of North Macedonia
    • Phone: +389 42 215 035 | +389 42 210 035
      Fax: +389 42 215 102