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Welcome to KARTEL DOOEL, your trusted partner in the metal industry. With over 30 years of excellence, we specialize in crafting top-quality steel profiles and installations. Explore our innovative solutions and let's build success together!

Ul. Ilindenska 2981 , 1230 Gostivar Republic of North Macedonia
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ServicesWelcome to Kartel

One of the most powerful companies in NORTH MACEDONIA

With over 30 years of excellence, we specialize in crafting top-quality steel profiles and installations. Explore our innovative solutions and let’s build success together!

About KartelWe work for you since 1990. Industrial around the world.

“Over our 30-year history, KARTEL DOOEL has specialized in manufacturing and installing a variety of steel constructions, including warehouses, service facilities, and administrative buildings. We utilize a range of materials, including square and rectangular steel profile tubes, hot rolled steel I and U profile carriers, and welded steel plates.

To ensure quality and competitiveness, we procure standard steel profiles locally and internationally, while also operating our own automatic line for custom profiles. Our materials meet ISO standards, sourced within a 100 km radius of Gostivar.”

since 1990


“KARTEL DOOEL Gostivar is dedicated to being a prominent force in the metal industry. Through our commitment to excellence in craftsmanship, utilization of innovative solutions, and unwavering dedication to exceptional service, we aim to set new standards of quality and reliability.

With over 30 years of experience, we continuously evolve and adapt to meet the dynamic needs of our clients and industry. Our mission is to exceed expectations, foster long-term relationships, and drive mutual success for all stakeholders involved.”

CertificateCertificate of Outstanding Creditworthiness - 2023

This certificate affirms that the business entity is part of the group of companies holding the highest credit rating in North Macedonia. Meeting all criteria for the year 2023, the business not only satisfies but exceeds the requirements, achieving exceptional creditworthiness in the current period. Congratulations on this outstanding accomplishment, reflecting the business’s excellence in the realm of credit expertise.

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FeaturesOur Equipment

“KARTEL DOOEL specializes in producing fuel and water tanks with standard sizes ranging from 1.5 tons to 30 tons, meeting quality standards through certified welders. We also fabricate containers for various purposes, including storage and temporary offices, along with roofing, facade, and sheet metal work.

Our advanced equipment includes hydraulic friction presses capable of handling sheets up to 12mm thick, allowing us to create custom shapes for tank coverings and other applications. We prioritize technical innovation and employee training to ensure compliance with ISO standards and meet the demands of our customers.”


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