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Cold Sheet

They are flat steels produced by cold rolling of pickled and lubricated hot rolled flat steels.Β After the rolling process is completed, "Cold Rolled Steel" is obtained by applying surface cleaning, recrystallization annealing, surface roughening and annealing processes.

We can also meet the special demands of end users with the different qualities and grades we obtain thanks to cold rolling, annealing and annealing processes.


  • Smooth Finish: Cold rolled steel offers a superior surface finish for aesthetic applications.
  • Precision: Cold rolling ensures tight tolerances and uniform dimensions for precise engineering.
  • Strength: Cold rolled steel exhibits improved strength and formability for versatile applications


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What are the main advantages of using cold rolled steel?
Cold rolled steel offers a smooth surface finish, precise dimensions, and improved strength and formability compared to hot rolled steel.
How does cold rolling contribute to the quality of steel?
Cold rolling refines the grain structure of steel, resulting in a smoother surface finish and tighter dimensional tolerances.
In what applications is cold rolled steel commonly used?
Cold rolled steel is preferred for applications requiring a superior surface finish, such as automotive body panels, appliances, and construction materials. Additionally, its precise dimensions and improved formability make it suitable for engineering components and structural applications.